When to Start Planning a Baby Shower

Congratulations are in order! A precious little bundle of joy is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than with a delightful baby shower? Whether you’re the expectant parent or a close friend looking to organize the perfect event, planning a baby shower can be both exciting and overwhelming. One crucial question that often arises is, “When is the right time to start planning?” Fret not, as we bring you all the answers you need. We’ll guide you through the journey of when to start planning a baby shower with the help of Broulim’s Catering. So, let’s dive in!

Why the Timing Matters

Timing is everything when it comes to planning a baby shower that leaves everyone glowing with joy. Starting early gives you ample time to arrange every detail and ensure a smooth and stress-free celebration. From selecting the date and venue to curating a delectable menu, early planning sets the foundation for an unforgettable event.

The Ideal Time to Start Planning

The big question remains – when should you start planning? While there’s no hard and fast rule, beginning your preparations around two to three months before the baby shower date is a smart approach. This timeframe allows you to:

  • Stay Organized: Planning in advance lets you create a checklist and keeps you on track with essential tasks, preventing last-minute chaos.
  • Secure the Venue: Booking the perfect venue is crucial, especially if you have a specific location in mind. Starting early ensures you get your desired spot.
  • Coordinate with Broulim’s Catering: Collaborating with a reliable catering service like Broulim’s ensures a scrumptious feast for your guests. Booking them in advance avoids any scheduling conflicts.

Considering the Expectant Parent’s Needs

Remember, the star of the show is the expectant parent, and their well-being comes first. Consult with them to determine the most convenient time for the baby shower. Taking their preferences and schedule into account ensures they can fully enjoy the celebration.

Coordinating with Broulim’s Catering

When planning a baby shower, the catering is a pivotal aspect. Broulim’s Catering specializes in creating delightful culinary experiences, making your event extra special. Reach out to them early on to discuss your requirements, customize the menu, and secure their services for the chosen date.

Selecting the Perfect Date and Time

Picking the right date and time sets the tone for a successful baby shower. Consider the following factors to ensure a well-timed celebration:

Factoring in the Pregnancy Timeline

Choosing a date that aligns with the pregnancy timeline is essential. Avoid planning too close to the due date to accommodate any unforeseen changes and ensure the expectant parent’s comfort.

Keeping Seasonal Factors in Mind

Weather plays a significant role, especially if you plan an outdoor or partially outdoor event. Consider the season and weather conditions to make the celebration enjoyable for everyone.

Guest List and Invitations

Creating a guest list and designing the invitations require thoughtful consideration. Here’s how to handle them gracefully:

Crafting the Perfect Guest List

Keep the guest list intimate and meaningful. Invite close friends and family members who will shower the expectant parent and the baby with love and support.

Designing the Invitations with Care

Get creative with the invitations. Personalize them to match the chosen theme and add a touch of excitement for the guests.

Themes, Decorations, and Games

The right theme, decorations, and games bring life to the baby shower, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

Choosing an Enchanting Theme

Select a theme that reflects the expectant parent’s personality or complements the baby’s gender, if known. A well-thought-out theme adds charm to the celebration.

Decorating the Venue to Perfection

Transform the venue with thoughtful decorations, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere.

Entertaining and Fun Games for All

Plan entertaining games that engage all the guests, leaving them with fond memories of the day.

Memorable Menu Selection

The menu is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any celebration. Consider these aspects when planning the perfect spread:

Catering to Various Dietary Preferences

Ensure the menu caters to different dietary preferences and restrictions to accommodate all guests.

Sweet Treats and Delectable Delights

Don’t forget to include sweet treats and delectable delights that add an extra touch of happiness to the celebration.


When it comes to start planning a baby shower with Broulim’s Catering, starting early is key to success. Take the time to consider the expectant parent’s needs, collaborate with the catering service, and carefully select the date, time, guest list, and theme. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, your baby shower will be a memorable occasion for all.


  1. When is the best time to start planning a baby shower? Begin planning around two to three months before the baby shower date to ensure a well-organized and stress-free event.
  2. How important is the guest list for a baby shower? The guest list is crucial as it determines the people who will share the joyous occasion with the expectant parent.
  3. What should be considered while selecting a theme for the baby shower? The theme should reflect the expectant parent’s personality or complement the baby’s gender, creating a charming atmosphere.
  4. Why is early coordination with Broulim’s Catering essential? Early coordination with Broulim’s Catering ensures you secure their services for the chosen date and customize the menu to your preferences.
  5. What should be included in the baby shower menu? The menu should cater to various dietary preferences and feature sweet treats and delightful delights to please all guests.
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