Hosting a baby shower

Hosting a baby shower is an excellent way to celebrate the mom-to-be and shower her with love and gifts before her little one arrives. However, planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, especially if you have never planned one before. The key to hosting a successful baby shower is to have a well-planned order of events and a catering plan that will satisfy your guests. We’ll guide you through the process of planning a baby shower order of events with catering in mind.

Set the Date and Time

The first step in planning a baby shower is to set the date and time. Make sure to choose a date and time that works for the mom-to-be and her guests. Typically, baby showers are held in the late morning or early afternoon on weekends. Avoid scheduling the baby shower too close to the due date to ensure the mom-to-be has enough time to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Once you have set the date and time, make sure to include it in the invitations.

Choose a Venue

The next step is to choose a venue. You can host the baby shower at your home, a restaurant, or an event venue. Make sure to choose a venue that can accommodate the number of guests you are inviting. If you are hosting the baby shower at home, make sure you have enough space for seating, food, and activities. If you choose a restaurant or event venue, make sure to reserve the space in advance.

Send Invitations

Once you have set the date, time, and venue, it is time to send out the invitations. You can choose to send physical invitations or digital invitations. Make sure to include all the necessary details, such as the date, time, venue, RSVP deadline, and any special instructions. You can also include a gift registry link or ask guests to bring a specific item, such as a children’s book, to help build the baby’s library.

Plan the Menu

One of the most critical parts of planning is deciding on the baby shower menu. When planning the menu, consider the mom-to-be’s dietary restrictions and preferences, as well as those of her guests. Plan to have a mix of sweet and savory items, such as finger sandwiches, fruit salad, cupcakes, and cookies. You can also choose a theme for the menu, such as a brunch or a tea party.

Order the Catering

Once you have planned the menu, it is time to order the catering. Broulim’s Catering offers a variety of options for baby showers, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Their catering menu can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget. When ordering the catering, make sure to include any dietary restrictions or special requests.

Decorations and Party Favors

No baby shower is complete without decorations and party favors. You can choose a theme for the decorations, such as a baby animal or a gender reveal theme. Make sure to have enough seating, tables, and linens for your guests. You can also create a photo backdrop for guests to take pictures.

For party favors, consider something practical or sentimental, such as personalized candles, baby socks, or seed packets. You can also choose a theme for the party favors, such as a onesie or a pacifier theme.

Baby Shower Games and Activities

Last but not least, plan some baby shower games and activities to keep your guests entertained. You can choose from a variety of games, such as baby bingo, diaper raffle, or guess the baby food game. You can also have a craft activity, such as decorating onesies or creating a baby book. Make sure to have prizes for the game winners and enough supplies for the activities.


Planning a baby shower can be a fun and exciting experience, but it requires careful planning to ensure a successful event. By following these steps and keeping catering in mind, you can create a memorable baby shower that will delight the mom-to-be and her guests. Broulim’s Catering offers a wide range of options to fit your needs and budget, ensuring that your baby shower is a success from start to finish. So go ahead and start planning your baby shower with confidence!

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